Photo: Lars de Vall/Boliden

FAMMP is a non-profit association for individuals working in the mining sector and having the professional qualification and work experience to be able to function as Competent Persons (Qualified Persons is used synonymously) for public reporting of exploration results, mineral resources and mineral reserves in accordance with the internationally recognized PERC reporting standard, or another similarly CRIRSCO based reporting standard.

The purpose of FAMMP is to approve membership and if needed also to decide on disciplinary measures for its members with the aim of making public information regarding exploration results, mineral resources and mineral reserves as comprehensive, transparent, un-biased and quality assured as possible to protect shareholders, investors and potential investors from misleading or incorrect information.

FAMMP is a professional body, a member of PERC (Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee). 

Currently, FAMMP has members active in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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