Become a member

FAMMP has two different levels of membership; Candidate Member and Member, called full Member.

A full Member of FAMMP shall:

  • belong to one of the following professional categories: geologist, geo scientist or mining engineer, or else possess another similar education or experience relevant to the assessments made by Competent Persons.
  • have at least five years of cumulative relevant experience in professional categories mentioned above.

A Candidate Member shall:

  • be studying to get the relevant education for a full Member or be in an early stage of relevant work experience. It is expected that the Candidate Member should have bachelor level of knowledge or have accomplished the similar knowledge in another way.

The FAMMP application form can be downloaded below. Membership is valid for five years. Renewal of membership must be applied for before the end of the membership period. See renewal form below.

Applications should be sent to:

Svemin AB
Storgatan 19
Box 555 25
102 04 Stockholm
Email: info(at)

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